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Keeping the Trucks Rolling

It’s National Technician Appreciation Week!

I think the Technology and Maintenance Council (an arm of the American Trucking Associations) said it well: “Professional technicians are the people that keep trucks moving. To recognize these important men and women, NTAW highlights one of the most demanding and challenging roles in the transportation industry. NTAW will provide an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and commitment of professional technicians.”

Or, more simply put: to keep loads moving, drivers need dependable trucks. And for that, we depend on our shop and maintenance team: technicians, service writers, the shop office, detailers, the facilities crew – everyone works together to keep the shop rolling.

The Job Description

Working in the shop environment is challenging. You’re a hands-on problem solver, a communications specialist, an out-of-the-box thinker yet process follower, a magician, and a call-center specialist – all rolled into one. Throw in multiple parties depending on you at all times, tight deadlines, and a huge workload. And that pretty well covers it.

But I think if you ask anyone in the shop, they’ll tell you it’s also a rewarding place to be. It’s a place where problems find solutions, questions find answers, and a driver in the midst of a bad day finds a listening ear and a helping hand. The shop team is purpose driven – they’re making a positive impact each day on our drivers, customers, the operations team, and the entire company.

From the Bottom of Our Hearts

To our Nussbaum shop and maintenance crew – THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the phone calls. Thank you for patiently answering questions. Thank you for tackling problems most of us wouldn’t begin to know how to solve. Thanks for doing work that isn’t glamorous.

Thanks for keeping our fleet moving. You are loved and appreciated!