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By Kyle Streitmatter

It wasn’t your typical day at Nussbaum.

First off, it was strange to see everyone in non-work clothes. Our outdoor spaces, usually occupied by employees on break, were packed with people relaxing and having fun. Drivers, executives, and office staff had traded in their day jobs to become fisherman, prize-table attendants, and fish runners. And I do mean fish runners.

Good music and a touch of fall in the air. Fishing pole in hand. A donut in the other. What more could you ask for?

Good Ol' Fashioned Fun

We loved watching the kids, with their brightly colored poles and fishing derby shirts, grin with pride as they held up their catch. Each victory brought excitement, from the smallest sunfish to the 4.1-pound giant that one of the young ladies reeled in. They certainly kept the fish runners moving – in total, we caught 291 fish! (If you are one of those vigilant souls who transported fish last Saturday, you have our utmost appreciation).

Celebrating Faith & Family

It was also touching to watch the families: a dad helping his son bait the hook; a mom making sure the cast goes over the water and not sideways toward a fellow fisherman; grandparents wrangling their grandkids through the food line.

It’s like one of those scenes on the trailers, except for real.

I asked Cole and Sabrina Zeller what they liked about the Fishing Derby. Their response captured the day perfectly: “the people.”

“It’s great getting to see all the kiddos have fun, seeing everyone’s families,” they said. “It’s such a neat culture.”

The day was a unique opportunity for families, friends, and coworkers to deepen relationships and have fun together. We were especially thankful that the rain held off and that the sun peaked out towards the end.

Celebrating Employee Ownership

The Fishing Derby is a timely reminder that being an employee-owner is about more than just the employee. Our families share in the benefits of ownership – financial success, stability, and being part of the Nussbaum community. The fact that we spent a Saturday making memories together is a beautiful tribute to Nussbaum’s culture.

Thank you to the ESOP committee and all our volunteers for your hard work!

Here’s a few of our favorite snapshots from the day: