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I can’t take being an employee-owner at Nussbaum lightly. The title alone makes me stand up straighter.

I’m an owner.

I’m not just an employee that clocks in, huffs in wait for the day to be over, and clocks out. I’m invested in the company’s success. Because when my company does well, it influences me directly, and I feel proud to own a piece of that achievement.

What Does it Take to be Successful?

That’s what being an employee-owner is about. We’re all holding onto the same tether – linking us together as we work. And the tether we’re holding onto is making our company the best it can be.

We’re successful because we do each of our jobs to our best ability.

We’re all working towards the same goal, so each other’s success is just as critical as our own. Because if only one person has their hands on the tether, and the others are all milling about, there is no strand connecting us all. Work becomes stagnant, and the tether decays.

But when we all have our grips tight on the line, leaning together in the way we want to go, it’s a beautiful thing to step in the same direction as one and watch the company flourish.

Let the Celebration Begin

All that to say – I’m excited to celebrate Employee Ownership Month this October with my fellow employee-owners. It’s great to be an employee-owner all year round. But, this month, it’s fun to re-learn aspects of the ESOP, win prizes, and join together to celebrate our unity as employee-owners.

Happy Employee Ownership Month!