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It's Back!

The long-awaited return of Terminal Exchange is happening this coming week. Catch the new episode with Nussbaum driver Hugh Sands on Tuesday, February 9. If you haven’t met Hugh, you’ve got to hear his story.

And if you already know Hugh, maybe you haven’t heard all of his stories yet.

You’re guaranteed an easy smile in Hugh’s episode. Most of his stories come from 22 years in law enforcement. Though it’s a fun listen, we also touch on timely topics of police/community relationships.

If you’re looking for a few episodes to get re-acquainted with Terminal Exchange before Hugh’s episode drops, here are some of our most sought episodes to catch up on:

Ep.20 Momma Trucker: Darla Smith

Ep.30 CFO, Bill Wettstein

Ep.31 Bill and Mike’s Excellent Adventure

Ep. 57 Girl on a Rock: Kirsten Gee

Ep. 55 From Over-The-Road to Over-The-Phone


We’re looking forward to releasing new episodes of Terminal Exchange on Tuesdays throughout the future. Thanks for your patience. Now sit back, relax, and press play on Terminal Exchange.