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We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Nussbaum Transportation and Heartland Community College!

Introducing the Nussbaum Trucking Academy at Heartland Community College

Heartland offers a 4-week truck driving program that culminates in students receiving their CDL license. Starting October 1, these classes will be taught by Nussbaum instructors with Nussbaum equipment.

The class will still be considered a Heartland program with students enrolling at the college. Of course, we hope to train future Nussbaum employees, but more importantly, Nussbaum will train many more aspiring CDL holders from our area.

What is the Purpose?

Nussbaum is not planning to fill our trucks with all students. We still aim to staff our fleet with quality, experienced drivers. The Trucking Academy serves any CDL student that enrolls with Heartland.

While we want the Trucking Academy to become a pipeline producing quality professional drivers for us, we expect that many students will not work at Nussbaum (at least, maybe not right away 😉).

Expanding Our Impact

The Trucking Academy means Nussbaum can provide trucking expertise to our larger local community. We felt this was a great opportunity to broaden our impact and contribute to our corner of the world!

Our driver fleet has some incredible teachers. The Trucking Academy can be a way to use the talent we have at Nussbaum and expand opportunities for our employees.


This will be an exciting journey as we venture into education. We believe we have the right professionals at Nussbaum to make it a success!