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Nussbaum Recognized for Sustainability Efforts

Nussbaum is honored to be named a 2021 Top Green Fleet by Heavy Duty Trucking.

“The Top Green Fleets — selected annually by HDT’s editors — honors leaders in sustainability efforts among all sizes and types of trucking fleets, in areas such as fleet electrification; alternative and renewable fuels; cleaner-burning engines; fuel efficiency; freight efficiency; “green” facilities; and testing new sustainable technologies.” – Heavy Duty Trucking

The list of Top Green Fleets includes companies such as J.B. Hunt, Schneider Transportation, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, & PepsiCo.

What sets Nussbaum apart and earned us a designation as one of Heavy-Duty Trucking’s Top Green Fleets for 2021? Here’s just a few reasons:

  • Fuel Efficiency – In 2020, our fleet MPG (miles-per-gallon) was 9.05, and we are expected to exceed that in 2021. Nussbaum continually researches ways to improve MPG, and we’ve outfitted our equipment with the latest in fuel-efficient technology.
  • Renewable Energy – Our tractors employ solar panels and battery-powered APUs, which means the driver can power their home-away-from-home without burning fuel. Nussbaum was an early adopter of solar panels for fleet equipment.
  • Driver Training & Development – We strongly believe that fuel efficiency begins in the driver’s seat. Through our Driver Scorecard and Certified Red training programs, drivers develop sustainable habits and are incentivized to drive efficiently.
  • “Green” Facilities – Between natural heat sources, energy-efficient lights, and a robust recycling program (both personal and industrial), Nussbaum has made a concerted effort towards sustainable facility operations. And let’s not forget our extensive landscape of trees, plants, and flowers that supply oxygen to the environment!

We consider our environment, energy-usage, and fuel-efficient capabilities as important resources to steward. A mindset of continuous improvement and trying new ideas has helped us to grow and develop our green efforts. We are proud to lead the industry in making transportation more sustainable!

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