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Our for-hire fleet with near 450 trucks continues to spec the most fuel-efficient equipment available for over-the-road use. What sets us apart and earned us the designation as one of Heavy Duty Trucking’s Top Green Fleet for 2020?

  • This past year, we bought 40 new Freightliner Cascadias. Each year of advancement in fuel-efficient technology works for us to expand our fleet and replace older, less efficient equipment.
  • We are developing more regional operations, which will increase our ability to use alt fuels.
  • Nussbaum trailers are all equipped with skirts and tails. A rear-of-trailer aero system going on new trailers doesn’t require the driver to engage and requires less maintenance than previous fold-out tail systems.
  • Trucks are regularly outfitted with solar panels. Innovation is part of our character. We enjoy staying ahead of the curve and trying out new technologies.
  • YTD fuel efficiency is 9.2 mpg fleetwide.
  • Currently, Nussbaum is testing a detachable drive configuration with Freightliner that is expected to move to production for the next model year.
  • And finally, Nussbaum always prioritizes safe driving habits that improve fuel efficiency.

How Are the Top Green Fleets Chosen?

“Although alternative fuels and drivetrains is one of the factors we considered, this year’s honorees, 20 of them have varying sustainability strategies. There’s a growing focus on electric trucks and renewable fuels, for instance, but no single ‘green’ roadmap is right for every operation. For instance, companies operating in California are far more likely to have zero- or near-zero-emission trucks due to regulatory pressures and grant opportunities…

We consider all of these in making our choices. Recent initiatives are counted more heavily. We also look for companies that clearly lay out their sustainability goals for customers and the industry, whether that’s via a section on their website, press releases touting green milestones, or participating in conferences and webinars to share their expertise.”

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