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September 2019 Meeting Summary

Our Inaugural Meeting

We are pleased to announce a successful inaugural Driver Advisory Board meeting.  We here at Nussbaum have discussed this topic for a number of years as an effort to maintain open communication with our driver force.

On Wednesday, September 18, 13 drivers and 11 members of Nussbaum management met at the Radisson Conference Center in Normal, IL.  The management team presented on the items listed below in the agenda and the drivers were given opportunity to offer feedback and discussion.

There were a number of valuable takeaways and action items that will precipitate future activity and direction within the company.

We look forward to continuing this practice semiannually.  As Nussbaum continues to grow, we strive to maintain the open channels of communication that have helped us be successful in the past.

September 2019 Driver Advisory Board Meeting

About the Driver Advisory Board

The Driver Advisory Board was drawn from the Road Captains that were instituted earlier this year. Road Captains are drivers who run our irregular route system and have been with Nussbaum for at least one year, maintain high scores on their scorecards, and are enrolled in CertRED. Their role is to help mentor and instruct new drivers to onboard at Nussbaum and also be available as a resource for current drivers in practical areas like customer help, scorecard questions, company programs, and equipment issues.

If you have any questions regarding the Driver Advisory Board or the Road Captains, please send your communication to


Driver Advisory Board Attendees:

Mike Cline

Robert Jones

Scott Williams

Calvin Foster

David Lanpher

Michael Stumreiter

Marcus Hoock

Hugh Sands

Chris Benge

Doug Wiseman

Jeff Wood

Jeff Jackson

Jonathan Rust