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September 2019 Action Items

  • Update drivers on new bobtail parking plan
  • Review installing a snow scraper for trailers
  • Widen the trailer spots in the current parking lot
  • Review policy regarding heated wiper blades/blade tension
  • Review with Freightliner feasibility of heated windshields
  • Add note to shop work completion notice of work that is not done that will be addressed next time
  • Update the fuel lists so that stop wait time is taken into consideration
  • Install longer cords for shore power in the bobtail line
  • Review Solar Panels with drivers who are still having to idle significant amounts
  • Update LiNK so the drivers can input their own ETA as feedback
  • Work on communicating periodically to clarify how Yard Movement and Personal Conveyance can be used
  • Review length of time before scores take effect for new hires and possibly shorten it
  • Update load terminology in LiNK so all screens say “scheduled” instead of using multiple terms