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Notes and Action Items – April 2022

This is a summary of the discussions and action items from the April 2022 meeting.

Primary Take-Aways

  1. Drivers would like a phone call rather than a message when there is a sensitive or key situation. Cut down on over-reliance on messaging.
  2. Support for families and spouses back home is very important.
  3. Home Time satisfaction and results are an area of priority.
  4. Our driver pay package is complex. We could benefit from highlighting this better and giving drivers better resources for tracking and understanding what they earn.
  5. Drivers would like to be more connected with their Fleet Planner. How can Fleet Planners, Driver Managers, and drivers work more effectively as a team?
  6. Our driver messaging system can be overwhelming or confusing. Can we simplify this for drivers?
  7. There was interest in drivers getting financial resources for better money management and retirement planning.
  8. Road Captains want/need more ways to engage with their driver peers, beyond just the New Hire mentor. They also want a better medium to communicate with each other. What are potential solutions for strengthening the driver community further?

Action Items Breakdown

  1. Done – Driver Relationship Managers and Driver Managers have held meetings, set reminders to themselves, and renewed their focus to make a phone call at the right time and cut back on messaging when a personal conversation might be needed.
  2. Done – Microsoft Teams group was added for Road Captains to better connect with each other.
  3. Done – Fleet Planners have set a goal to talk to every driver on their respective fleets. Fleet Planners and Driver Managers (2 per Fleet Planner) are holding monthly fleet review meetings with each other, and seating was re-arranged to have them next to each other.
  4. Possible/Pending – Track driver hometime to identify areas for improvement.
  5. Possible/Pending – Development of a program to recognize and appreciate spouses, family, and supporters at home.